Kevin Bacon says it was love at first sight when he first saw Keira Sedgwick on the set of the movie “Lemon Sky”.

“He knocked me out. She was amazing,” said the actor. After a while the two arranged to go out for dinner and as they recall ended up talking and laughing for hours. But Sedgwick remembers how she felt the next day when she realized he was the one. “I remember waking up and going to see him like I was going home. And I realized that it was him.”

Now, for more than three decades, the couple has built a home together while balancing careers and family, raising their two children. “We’ve always been each other’s biggest supporters and fans,” says Sedgwick, who recently directed Bacon in the drama Space Oddity.

She adds that being able to make each other laugh has been a key ingredient in their 35-year marriage. “A sense of humor is vital,” says the actress. “He is very funny”.

Meanwhile, Bacon says he’s never seen his wife happier at work than when she’s behind the camera. “He just absolutely loves directing. You can’t be a crew or cast and not get carried away by this one [ενθουσιασμό]says Bacon, who directed his wife in the 2005 film Loverboy.

Keira Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon talk about their life and career together in the upcoming issue of People magazine.