BBB: Remember striking shacks that rocked the 21 editions of reality


Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) premieres on January 17 and fans of the program are rooting for the reality to bring many surprises and remarkable personalities. The edition marks the debut of Tadeu Schmidt, 47, in the presentation and repeats the dynamic of bringing famous and anonymous people to compete for the prize.

In addition to following the parties, romances and friendships emerging, viewers of the reality show can’t wait to watch the famous shacks, which rock the most watched house in Brazil and divide opinions outside.

To help contain the anxiety for the premiere of the program, which comes with news in the house, the F5 gathered in a list some of the biggest fights and confusions that ever happened in Big Brother Brasil. Check out the selection below.


The singer and the economist fell out after a game of discord and went to argue in the backyard of the house. The doctoral student had given Pocah the “No Win” sign, which meant that, in his view, the artist had no chance of winning the reality show.

Pocah vented to Karol Conká and said he wouldn’t try to understand Gil’s side, but went to him to talk. The two then became elated. At one point, the singer said that the doctoral student was doing a “show” and then Gil snapped: “I didn’t come from the trash to lose to rubbish, my love.”

The fight was interrupted soon after, but remembered for a long time inside and outside the house, with the doubt about the meaning of the word basculho, which even Gil later confessed not knowing the meaning when he shot his colleague in confinement.


The two began to quarrel when, at the second party, Lucas argued with several participants to set up groups of blacks against whites. Kerline said she felt “destabilized” and Camilla de Lucas even cried to tell Karol what had happened.

The rapper, who until then was an ally of the actor, upon learning of the participant’s proposal, was against his attitudes and started to defend Kerline. So Karol spent the following days jabbing and hinting at Lucas, and even said that he would do psychological torture with him from that moment on, and asked the other participants to isolate him.

There was a moment when Lucas sat down to eat at the table and Karol asked him to leave and not come back until she had finished eating. She even said that she would throw a glass of water in the actor’s face. The rapper’s behavior was heavily criticized on social media.


The rapper was annoyed and jealous of the actress’ relationship with Bil Araújo, and lied saying that other men had said that Carla Diaz would be interested in her brother. Carla asked all the men in the house and they all denied spreading the rumor.

Karol got angry and began to say that he would pack his bags and leave the reality show, and in the meantime he called the actress a slut and accused her of spreading lies around the house. Carla tried to explain that she wasn’t interested in Bil, and said that her relationship with the singer was more important.

“It’s not Chiquititas here! I’m not from a soap opera!”, fired the rapper. “Neither do I. Here I’m not from a soap opera”, replied the actress. Despite the two having talked after the fight, the atmosphere remained tense until the elimination of the singer, who left with a record of rejection, with 99.17% of the votes.


The argument between the sisters took place after the fight between Gil do Vigor and Arthur, in which the economist shouted: “I’m indignation”. It all started when Karol said that Camilla de Lucas took sides and chose to hear only one side of the game.

“You want to play one person against the other. But I’m Camilla de Lucas, I’m not an idiot. You can be Karol Conká ‘angry’ out there, but there’s another ‘angry’ in here too”, said the digital influencer in a moment of the fight.


Hadson, a member of the Pipoca group, had come up with a plan together with the other men in the house, to seduce the committed women of the reality, in order to tarnish their image with the public outside the program. After a wall formation, Gizelly and Marcela told all the sisters of the house the men’s plan, and then they all got together and went to take satisfaction with Hadson.


The champion of the 18th edition of the reality show went to a false wall and spent a week on the top floor of the house, watching everything the brothers did and talked during the period, and did not like to see Patrícia combining votes and talking badly about Ana Clara. .

When she returned home, the sister went to make fun of the woman from Ceará and some of her phrases became memes on the internet, remembered to this day, such as “you can’t imagine what a pleasure it is to be back” and “who digs a grave for someone , ends up falling into it”.


The two were in a relationship, and Emily was upset when she asked Marcos who he would like to win the show, as he replied that it would be the public’s decision. The brother stood in front of Emily and put his finger on the sister’s face.

“Pay attention! Are you only with me because I want you to win? You have to be with me regardless of who I think has to win. Do you hear me?” he said. The brother’s behavior ended up resulting in his disqualification from reality.


The two fought a lot during the 16th edition of the reality show. In one of the most striking beefs, the brother called the sister “false, arrogant and boastful” for discovering that she combined votes against him.

In another disagreement, Ana Paula said that Renan was crazy and that his tooth was fake. But the last fight took place at a party, when the journalist slapped Renan in the face and ended up being expelled from Big Brother for assault.


One of the most notable fights of the edition was carried out by the two brothers, and it started when Cássio accused Marcelo of harassing Angela while her sister was sleeping. The curitibano went to get satisfaction with the gaucho and the two almost attacked each other, and even damaged the scenery of the house.


The two had several fights throughout the 10th edition of the program. However, one of the worst was when the fighter took satisfaction with the makeup artist, who voted for him after saying that he deserved a break for having faced many walls. Dourado, who later became champion of the BBB 10, even fired offenses related to the makeup artist’s sexuality.


The fight started over a pair of underwear, when at the end of one of the parties, a group of participants took off the underwear of Alemão, who was trying to sleep and got annoyed with the joke. Airton didn’t like his brother’s reaction and then accused him of faking puritanism, but walking around the house in white swimming trunks.


The sisters had a falling out after a Mexican-themed party after drinking heavily. Solange and Marcela exchanged several offenses, mostly attacking each other’s bodies, but they also attacked family members.


The 2nd edition of the reality was the scene of several fights between Tina and her brothers and sisters. In the two weeks that she was on the program, she irritated the other participants at different times, but one that was marked was when the sister banged pan lids and said “Ai, ai, ai, ai, up, down, pull and go” so that no one could sleep.


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