Deolane Bezerra receives 53 traffic tickets: ‘Just to start the year well’


Lawyer and digital influencer Deolane Bezerra, 34, widow of MC Kevin, shared on Wednesday (5) in Instagram stories the 53 traffic tickets she received through the Post Office. She said she will deduct it from her private driver’s salary.

In the video, Deolane spreads the fines on a table and says: “Good heavens! There, Jader, it will be discounted. My God, how many fines are there? Fifty?”, asked the lawyer. that all traffic tickets are in the driver’s name. “Just to start the year off right.”

The lawyer also shared in Instagram stories a print of the cell phone screen of the conversation with the driver and the audio of him justifying himself. “You also have to realize that we had a very difficult year, okay, Deolane? That’s all I have to tell you, it was a very difficult year for us. You have to have an understanding”, says Jader. She replies, “You will pay me.”

With 23.8 million followers on Instagram, Deolane has invested in her career as a digital influencer and singer. In November last year, she made her musical debut with a concert in São Paulo.

One of the most striking points of the show, called the Doctor’s Ball, was when she stood next to a hologram of her ex-partner. In white clothes and with wings on her back, Deolane had images of the funk singer projected by her side.

On her Instagram, the lawyer posted a photo kneeling with her back to the camera where she shows the photo of MC Kevin stamped on her jacket. “Forever,” he wrote in the image’s caption.


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