Dayane Mello returns to Italy’s Big Brother: ‘Exciting’


The model Dayane Mello returns, this Friday (7), to the Grande Fratello Vip, the Italian version of Big Brother, for a special participation, a year after being in fourth place in the program in a remarkable passage. She was invited to make a surprise for a friend who is in the current issue.

“I am very grateful for the program and for all the opportunities it has given me. I keep the memories with great affection and I feel honored to be able to return with a remarkable name in the history of Grande Fratello. It will be an exciting return”, says the model.

She will surprise her friend Soleil Sorge, a participant in the current edition of Grande Fratello VIP, who was one of those responsible for Dayane’s trip to A Fazenda 13 (Record TV). The model said that she is “crazy” to meet her friend again.

“She gave me a lot of strength and her support was essential in making the decision to go to Brazil and take a chance on the Fazenda. She is an incredible human being and I can’t wait for us to get together.”

In the rural reality of Record TV, Dayane was eliminated in the 11th roça in a dispute with the former bathtub of Gugu, Solange Gomes, and the digital influencer Marina Ferrari. Dayane was one of the protagonists of A Fazenda, got involved in fights, earned the nickname of canine snake and tore the jacket of participants Rico Melquiades, winner of the edition, with a knife.


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