BBB 23: Sarah Aline fights with Ricardo after Prova do Anjo: ‘Little show you gave for 50 stakes’


Tempers heated up between Ricardo and Sarah Aline, inside the BBB 23, this Saturday afternoon (1). The two brothers argued right after the Prova do Anjo, in the Fundo do Mar Room, due to the consequences of the challenge. Marvvila was scared when Sarah agreed to the idea of ​​putting Richard in the Monster’s Punishment, if they had been victorious.

The biodoctor overheard the conversation and went to get satisfaction. “I’m glad you didn’t win then. For you, not for Marvvila, it’s all right. But for you. I’m glad you didn’t win. They still say that others resolve things on impulse”, he attacked.

Sarah countered by saying that she had reasons, but took the opportunity to retort her brother’s posture: “Now the little show you put on in the room because of 50 stakes and still saying that you are playing alone, and Marvvila scoring…”.

The two continued bickering over the stakes. “If Domi [Domitila Barros] If you had given 450, you would have given 450. But that’s it, man, the same way you take your words, I can do that too”, added Sarah, leaving Ricardo irritated, who had to leave.

Half an hour later, the biodoctor looked for Sarah to apologize: “Sarah, here’s the thing: I’m apologizing to you, yes. I was wrong with you. You never left me alone in this game, never at any time”. He also acknowledged her mistakes. “Unfortunately, I took that wrong attitude there in front of everyone, where I hadn’t stopped to think that you were always with me. I was wrong, yes. It was ugly. Lari [Larissa], from the other group, saw that. It was bad of me. I couldn’t reason that you, like it or not, play with me”, reinforced.

He also justified that he got excited for not wanting to have Sarah as an enemy. “It wasn’t ‘I don’t care about you’, Sarah, it wasn’t that. It was to avoid contradictions, because he says that when you help buy Poder Joringa it’s a group and I didn’t want to pass that role off again”, he added. he.

“I understand, but I’m still upset,” Sarah stressed at the end of the discussion.

Source: Folha

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