Alexandros Bourdoumi and Lena Drosaki seem to have gone their separate ways, as revealed by the report of the show “our breakfast” with Fai Skordas.

As everything shows, after almost 4 years of relationship and the birth of a child, the once favorite showbiz couple is no longer together.

Nikos Georgiadis specifically revealed: “It is not an easy separation. The priority of both remains their son, Anastasis. In fact, they still play together in the theater, so the balance is difficult. It’s not a breakup that happened yesterday. They haven’t been together for three months. The couple had been together since late 2018 and had made their relationship official in 2020.”

Lena Drosaki’s first reaction was shown exclusively on “our morning” and she stated: “There is a child and that is my priority. He is at a tender age that we must respect. That is why I do not wish to proceed with further comments.”

The pair have been sharing the same stage at the theater lately as they appear in the same show, which looks set to continue.

It is recalled that Alexandros Bourdoumis was by his ex-wife’s side throughout her legal dispute with Petros Filippidis, even though according to the report of “our morning” the couple was already separated.