Jeremy Renner is accused by his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, of physical abuse, threats against her and their 10-year-old daughter’s life, and excessive drug use.

The couple’s divorce has ended in litigation. Although they have managed to resolve the issue of custody of their 10-year-old daughter and share her together, it seems that there are unresolved differences between them.

In a new report filed in court, according to “Marca”, the woman claims that the actor emotionally, physically and sexually abused their daughter, as well as that he assaulted her, putting the gun in her mouth and threatening to step on her trigger.

He, as expected, denied her claims and replied to her, accusing her of being the one who uses drugs, while he also stated that he has mental health problems.

The actor stated that he is ready to submit – at any time – to toxicological tests, in order to prove that he is not a drug user, while he emphasized that he will make sure to hire a mental health specialist, to take him over and prove that he can provide a safe environment to his daughter.

Still, his legal team accused his ex of taking advantage of the actor’s fame to try to extract more money from him.

According to TMZ, his lawyers created a timeline of his movie releases and the dates of his ex-wife’s allegations, implying that Sonni Pacheco was planning her “attack” on the star step by step. , depending on his earnings.