Civil Police open investigations to investigate leakage of photos of Marília Mendonça


After the family of singer Marília Mendonça complained that photos of her autopsy had been released on the internet just over a year and a half after her death, the police began to act.

According to the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, after becoming aware of the leak of photos referring to the necropsy report of the singer Marília Mendonça, an administrative procedure was immediately initiated to verify the facts.

“The Civil Police informs that the system where the investigative documents are stored is auditable and that the Superintendence of Police Information and Intelligence (SIIP) is already carrying out surveys with a view to identifying all accesses to the referred report”, says an excerpt from the note sent to the F5.

Last Thursday (13), the singer’s team told the press that the family’s lawyer, Robson Cunha, would seek measures to punish those responsible for the leak. The artist’s team also asked Internet users not to share the images on social networks.

“Photos from the police investigation into the accident and death of singer Marília Mendonça began to circulate in WhatsApp groups,” wrote the team in a press release. “The singer’s mother, Dona Ruth, preferred not to comment on the matter, asking only that people have respect and empathy and that they understand that there is a family that suffers every time situations like this occur.”

Source: Folha

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