Fernando Zor reveals addiction to sleeping pills: ‘About 15 pills a day’


Fernando Zor, 38, from the duo Fernando e Sorocaba, revealed this Saturday that he had to deal with addiction to a sleeping pill. The singer said that he took 15 pills a day and that he ended up having several losses in his life because of addiction.

“It was the worst experience of my life”, he said during the Bem Estar segment, in É de Casa (Globo) this Saturday (15). “It’s been a long time since I’ve been using Zolpidem to sleep. There was a time when I went into depression, a lot of anxiety… And I ended up taking Zolpidem to ease it.”

He admitted that he exceeded the dose recommended by his doctor. “[Tomava] maybe 15 pills a day. During the day, sometimes I was very anxious and took the medicine to relax. This got me addicted, I was more dependent on the medicine every day, “she said.

The effects of taking the medication the wrong way began to show over time. “From about two years ago, I started to use it more frequently. I know it was to take it to sleep, but sometimes I ended the show in distress, that I didn’t know what it was, and I ended up taking it to relax”, said. “But there comes a time when it seems that it no longer works.”

In addition, he did not lie down immediately after taking the medication, as recommended in the package insert. “If you don’t turn off the light, it gives a hallucinogenic effect. “It really takes you out, leaves you with the feeling that everything is resolved.”

Maiara’s boyfriend, Maraisa’s partner, said he ended up doing things he shouldn’t have done while under the effect of the medicine. “I did a lot of damage, I did a lot of shit using Zolpidem,” he said. “I already took the car and left, I already traveled without having to travel. I picked up the phone and called everyone. I called people who didn’t need it. If you’re ‘triggered’ by something, you end up doing something stupid using Zolpidem.”

This ended up affecting his professional life as well. “Songs that I’m used to singing since I was a child, I used to black out, forgetting the lyrics”, she said. He also said that the anxiety crisis after mixing medicine with alcoholic beverages, which led him to hospitalization, also had to do with it.

The musician stated that, after the scare, he stopped using the medication. “I’m very well. Since the end of that trip, I haven’t put it in my mouth. The ones I had at home, I threw it away. It’s so addictive that, if you see it in front of you, you want to use it. It was the worst experience of my life. my life.”

Source: Folha

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