How many times have you heard an expression and said, “Ah, that’s from such and such a song or such and such a movie”?

I can buy myself flowers – Miley Cyrus

How do you know now that a track has become a hit and you will be listening to it for the next, at least, 3 months whether you are scrolling on your mobile or going out for a drink? In the first two days of its release, you have seen over 30 shares in your feed and you have unconsciously put it on repeat as many times. Such a phenomenon happened 2 months ago with the reappearance of Miley Cyrus, when the first week of release of “Flowers” was marked by 100 million (!) streamings worldwide.

But the catchy sound, an iconic gold Yves-Saint Laurent dress were not the key success factors of the track, as much as its feminine-empowerment character. The track is said to have been written as a response to Cyrus’ ex-partner Liam Harmsworth over their breakup and went viral immediately after being used in countless reels and tik toks, where women mainly emphasized how good they can be on their own, how they can invest in their self-care or else to “buy themselves flowers”. Which is an absolute truth that we often forget.

Let’s say somewhere here, that Despina Vandi was the first to say it with the self love anthem “I’m having a good time alone, I’m doing just fine, I don’t need you luckily, you’re unnecessary to me”.

Hello darkness my old friend – Simon and Garfunkel

When Simon and Garfunkel wrote ‘Sound of Silence’ in the 60’s, he could not have imagined that 50 years later it would be more relevant than ever. The piece refers to social alienation and isolation and as a consequence the loneliness that people experience, a phenomenon, now, which has taken off in the age of social media. “Hello darkness my old friend” is a dark lyric, which refers to the familiar, “unwanted” emotions that often visit us, such as sadness or ambivalence.

Over the years the verse has taken on a somewhat more self-deprecating character, highlighting the appearance of an old “bad” habit, whatever that might be for anyone. As the lyrics so aptly say, however, when this happens, perhaps it would be better to welcome our “old friend”, offer him a cup of coffee, sit with him for a while, see what he has to say, and then politely get him out of the way, the visit is over.

Let it be – Beatles

When you have been, according to the common confession of many, the most legendary band of all time, surely the lyrics of your songs have not remained within musical contexts, but have been dynamically integrated into everyday language.

Many times, the magic lies in simplicity and acceptance and the Beatles knew this all too well. “Let it be” is a track – a hymn to acceptance and trust in life to hope and believe in it even when things don’t go as we would expect or want. To stop worrying and put your problems aside, even for a few minutes during the day, is a comforting and beneficial way of life, and this is something that music does very well, entering our minds and controlling our neurons.

Tell me more – Grease

“Tell me more” reflects all the excitement and excitement, but also the uncertainty that we experience when we fall in love, especially at a young age. “Tell me more” or “split the tea” are sayings that definitely indicate that you have already won the listener’s interest, so if nothing else you have lived a story that will be unforgettable.