Zendaya warns fans ahead of ‘Euphoria’ season two premiere


After a three-year wait, the first episode of the second season of ‘Euphoria’ is available on HBO Max. And a few hours before the premiere, the protagonist of the series, Zendaya, 25, decided to alert her 121 million followers on Instagram about the possible triggers that the series can arouse in some people.

“A reminder for tonight,” he wrote in the caption of a photo that featured a portrait of himself and a print of a small text. “I know I’ve said this before, but I want to reinforce to everyone that ‘Euphoria’ is for an adult audience. This season, perhaps even more so than the previous one, is deeply emotional and deals with subjects that can be triggers or difficult to watch. “, he wrote.

The actress, who won an Emmy for Best Actress for her performance in the series as leading lady Rue, emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries in caring for mental health. “Please only watch if you feel comfortable. Take care of yourself and know that either way, you are still loved and I still feel supported by you.”

The series is suitable for people over 18 and deals with topics such as chemical dependency, abusive relationships and gender violence.


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