Regina Duarte publishes another fake news and is warned by Instagram


Once again, actress Regina Duarte, 76, receives a punishment from Instagram. She published fake news about the January 8 coup protesters and the post received a false information stamp.

The lying video was about the acts in which Bolsonarists plundered public property. Right at the beginning, a sentence says: “Images that the media will not show”.

At one point, a man is shown with a PT flag as if he were the troublemaker. In fact, the flag had been stolen and it was supporters of Jair Bolsonaro who were vandalizing the buildings of the Powers of the Republic. Instagram claims that the content was reviewed by independent verifiers who attested to falsehood.

Regina Duarte, who has already worked with Bolsonaro, had already received other warnings from the platform. So much so that every time a person tries to follow the actress, they receive an alert that her profile usually publishes a lot of fake news. “Are you sure you want to follow Regina Duarte?” she says.

“This account has repeatedly posted false information that has been reviewed by independent fact-checkers or is against our Community Guidelines,” reads the alert once a new user clicks “follow”.

The last false information she had published was in February, about the Yanomami. Regina also disclosed untruths about the electoral process.

Source: Folha

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