Actor Ryan Gosling he was busy bringing out his inner Ken since he stars in the movie “Barbie”but he admitted that he had some doubts at first.

Speaking at an event for the film in Las Vegas, the actor said he had only known Ken from afar until now. “I didn’t know I had a Ken inside of me,” Gosling said.

“I doubted if I would make it. At first I had a hard time getting all that energy out,” the actor said, later adding that his co-star Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig finally managed to “bring out” the Ken in him.

When he got the role, Ryan Gosling literally “transformed himself for the needs of his role in order to embody the … ‘plastic’ Ken.” “I was living my life and the next thing I remember is bleaching my hair, shaving my legs and rollerblading on Venice Beach,” the actor joked.

He added that he often found himself wondering why his sheets were stained with spray tan while a “pink fever” took over his mind and body.

For her part, the film’s director pointed out that there was no one else she considered more suitable for the role of Ken, despite the actor’s initial fear. Gerwig told the audience that while they were writing the script, they went so far as to write Ryan Gosling’s name for Ken, as if they had already chosen him in their minds without knowing him.

Robbie, who plays Barbie in the film, said going into the film was “like a dopamine hit” every day.

The movie “Barbie” will open in theaters on July 21.