BBB 23: Amanda says that love for Sapato is intense and genuine: ‘For now, just friendship’


The BBB 23 champion, Amanda Meirelles participated in the breakfast with Ana Maria Braga at Mais Você, this Wednesday morning (26). During the participation, the doctor talked about the journey inside the house, the relationship I built with Cara de Sapato and whether their involvement could evolve into a romance.

The doctor said that they had a very strong rapport inside the house and that the fighter was essential for her to remain strong over the days. “He was very important for me in the game, it’s a very genuine connection, which I can’t explain. It’s for life. It’s really love but also friendship, for now. But we don’t know what will happen in life.”

The doctor also said that her family rented a house in Rio de Janeiro to accompany the victory announcement and that, when she arrived at the residence, the fighter was there. “He followed the final with my whole family. Even my mother started to ship us”, she said.

When she arrived at Globo, a group of fans were already waiting at the door to congratulate her. And it was precisely this community of followers that made it the champion of the edition. Amanda says she was surprised by the number of followers on the networks and says she believes that people identified with her authenticity.

“I leave the program better, more resilient and accepting myself better. And I learned to be more careful with what I say because we don’t know how it will touch the other. I am a stronger and more confident woman”, she said. The doctor’s younger brother, Lucas Meirelles, appeared by surprise and moved Ana Maria and her sister by telling about her journey away from home.

“She was never a character. She’s just that fun and high-spirited and she came on the show to provide a better life for us and open doors for her family.” He also said he wants a share of the prize. “Now that I’m a millionaire he treats me like that”, replied the doctor.

Ana Maria showed an excerpt from Fred Nicácio’s participation in the program, in which he calls the sister a plant and criticizes her for not being relevant in the game. “That says more about him than me, I played my way. Maybe because we weren’t in the same room he didn’t see me play much,” she defended.

Source: Folha

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