Something is Baking Again: New year, new cooking emotions (trailer, pics)


New year, new cooking emotions, brand new episodes. THE Konstantina Spyropoulou welcomes to “Something is Baking Again” five new different personalities who are invited to unfold their characters and of course to cook beautiful and delicious dishes.

Cooking week finds today in the kitchen of her house Gospel. She is a student of theatrical studies and the youngest of the group. Her relationship with cooking is not very good, but she follows her mom’s recipes faithfully. The table is set and the embarrassment of the guests is evident, as everyone tries to get closer. Stella finds the menu amazing, something that makes the others think.

Watch Monday’s trailer:

Tuesday 4/1 it is his turn Costa to welcome his guests. The ice has broken between them, only that Kostas’s menu raises many questions. The appetizer is in quite a large quantity and one would say that it looks like mainly. Most people have never tasted the dessert and apparently would not eat it again. But for another night, Stella finds the host’s dishes wonderful.

Wednesday 5/1 and Michael has its honorary. Its menu is quite special. Stella and Costas do not look as relaxed as the previous days and look very demanding with his dishes. They do not like enough things. The rest just wish the night would end without tensions.

On Thursday 6/1, Michalis takes the baton in cooking. She has enough stress and wants everything to be perfect. A failure, however, does not go unnoticed by Kostas, something that makes others wonder if there is a strategy.

Friday 7/1 and the agony peaks. THE Stella, wants through her menu to “educate” the rest of the company and teach her to eat healthy and without meat. But things are not going as she expected and her guests are obviously unhappy. Costas is quite irritated, which can be seen from his reactions.

Who will be the winner this week?

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