‘Living difficult days’, vents Lexa the day after MC Guimê’s indictment


Lexa used social networks to vent this Friday (28), the day after MC Guimê’s complaint to the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ). Singer and MMA fighter Antônio Cara de Sapato were indicted for the crime of sexual harassment against Mexican Dania Mendez within BBB 23 at the end of March.

The singer shared with her followers that she has been going through some very difficult times in recent weeks. In addition to the controversy with Guimê on Globo’s reality show, she and the singer were accused of not paying off a mansion bought in 2015, in Alphaville, São Paulo. They lived together in the property until the beginning of this year. “I don’t even know how to explain these last few months in my life. No words would define it, but I think resilience will be my best friend”, she wrote. “I’ve been living difficult days, but God is in control of everything,” she added.

She did not mention Guimê’s name and avoided commenting on recent events. She revealed that she was very sad about the death of a family member. “We are living a boring day. I think the day is ugly and rainy, following our mood”, commented Lexa who had already vented on Twitter a few days ago about the bad phase. “I still haven’t had a day of peace,” she commented.

Even with the decision of Justice and the conclusion of the investigation by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, which indicted the duo for the crime, the defense lawyers of Antônio Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê disagree with the resolution. “The defense strongly disagrees with the delegate’s understanding, because, although the crime of sexual harassment is independent of the victim’s initiative, the State and the criminal law cannot disregard the clear, lucid and spontaneous manifestation of the victim in the sense that, in his judgment intimate, there was no harassment, embarrassment or disrespect”, commented Ricardo Sidi, who defends the fighter F5.

José Estevem Macedo Lima, MC Guimê’s lawyer, also responded to the report. “The police investigation does not have any element that would allow the indictment of Guimê for the notorious lack of minimum evidentiary support and, above all, for the atypicality of the conduct arising from the absence of the element of the required criminal type”, he said.

Source: Folha

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