The combination of England’s tradition and history with the new wave of people from different countries who have immigrated there create this unique climate. Between dancing in the clubs and shopping in the big department stores, walking the unique markets is the most popular thing in London.

Locals gather there to eat, walk, shop or in two words to have a good time.

Portobello Road Market

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Portobello Road Market is located in the famous Notting Hill area and is a magnet for many tourists as well as locals. Scenes from the movie “Notting Hill” starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts were shot on this street. One comes here just to see the famous blue door from the movie and in general to admire the colorful two-story houses. The market in the area is one of the most famous, because it is truly endless.

It is very easy to disappear for hours in all sorts of stores. Souvenirs, gift items, leather goods, accessories and clothing are a sample of what is on offer. Also, the antiques are sure to get your attention, as you can find everything from furniture and household items to cameras, books and records. In general, the prices are lower than in the shops in the center and there is much more choice.

Attention, however, is needed in the quality of things. An equally important milestone for the market is that you are given the opportunity to try different cuisines from around the world. At the same time, cafes, patisseries and bakeries are constantly located between the shops.

Camden Lock Market

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Camden Lock Market started as a small fast food market at the beginning of the last century. This place was the meeting point of a very specific audience, including musicians who played in clubs in this area. The area soon gained popularity.

Today Camden is one of the most visited places in London, but has largely retained its unique atmosphere. Walking between graffiti and industrial docks, where there are stalls with various things for sale, you feel the special spirit of this place.

The organization of this market is very different from street markets. The shops are located among the numerous clubs and pubs in the area. There are shops selling leather jackets and studded boots, as well as artist shops creating ethnic-inspired decor items

from the cultures of the East. Although some shops may offer the trendiest things and follow the mainstream, there is a lot of originality and originality here.

You can really find the most unusual things, such as shops for collectors of all kinds, from anime figures to stamps, clothes, souvenirs, guitars and jewelry. Worth mentioning is that you can taste such different cuisines as Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Moroccan, Lebanese and Mexican.

Covent Garden Market + Old Spitalfields Market

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These two places are called markets mainly because they are located in historic buildings where the biggest markets in the city once stood. However, today fashion and beauty shops, popular cafes and coffee shops are located along. The spaces do not function as markets on weekdays, but only on weekends.

Clothing, handbags, jewelry and costume jewelry, decorative items for home and office are all you will see on the shelves. Unlike the shops in Portobello or Camden, here things are more often factory rather than handmade.

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Here it is worth admiring the architecture of the buildings. Both Covent Garden Market and Old Spitalfields Market have recently been refurbished and therefore look amazing.

Carved balconies, glass roofs and stone walls are typical features of their design. After wandering around for a while you can stop at one of the cafes to relax and watch the people go by. To peruse the latest season’s street style and fashion trends, these markets are definitely the right place!

Borough Market

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Borough Market on the south bank of the Thames is one of the most famous parts of the city. Here you buy the freshest produce, as local farmers, shepherds, fishermen and bakers offer the best vegetables and fruit, fish and meat and baked goods they have.

However, as a passerby you will be attached here not only by the retailers, but also by the small tent-restaurants where you can try freshly cooked dishes.

Despite the fact that the cuisine here is not as different as in Portobello and Camden, all the dishes look tastier. Simple seasonal recipes and well-chosen ingredients always do the trick. It only takes one test to understand all that words and pictures cannot express!