Swimming in the… clouds. Swimming pool – optical illusion with 130,000 colored glass tiles of the rainbow created by the Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone.

The artist he follows an aesthetic rule with pixels, as seen in his interpretation of Poltrona Frau’s Archibald armchair, and Miller Division’s skateboard. This time he went to a seaside residence in Jávea, Spain and added to her pool approx 130,000 ONIX glass tiles. He created a visual effect, and called his work ‘Chromadynamica Pool’; the set of glass tiles creates a sharp contrast with the classically designed architecture of Esther Santos.

He was inspired by his desire to “create an effect that no one has seen before inside a pool: an underwater design that focuses on light. The colors from the refracted light immersed in the reflections of the water.’ “I like the contrast it creates with the rest of the house, with its simple shapes, as well as with the view and the environment,” he confessed.

Pantone carefully selected seven different color shades for the tiles and the pool doubles as a space for a submarine prismatic spiral of colors.

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