Luiza returns to social media after Maurílio’s death: ‘Restarting’


Singer Luiza returned to social media after the loss of her stage partner, singer Maurílio, who died on the afternoon of December 29 at the age of 28. The artist had been hospitalized in the ICU of a hospital in Goiânia since December 15 after suffering three cardiac arrests due to a pulmonary thromboembolism.

According to her, who is in Bahia, the moment is for a fresh start. “Slowly returning to this social network so forgotten by me! I’m in Bahia with my family who live here and I’m starting over, resignifying and trying to laugh as much as possible”, he wrote.

“Taking the opportunity to thank you for the affection you had with me and now let’s go up. 2022, be kind for the love of God”, published the artist who also had the company of her girlfriend, the doctor and writer Marcela Mc Gowan.


Maurílio felt ill during the recording of a DVD, in Goiânia, on December 15, and after suffering three cardiac arrests, he was admitted to the Jardim América Hospital, but was transferred to the Orthopedic Institute of Goiânia (IOG) after presenting “stability clinic”.​

One day after the singer’s transfer, the mom Odaisa Delmonte shared a record alongside his son on his Instagram profile cheering for his recovery. “I miss your smile and your hug. Wake up son, we are waiting for you”, he wrote in the caption.

After the incident with the singer, Work Show, the office that takes care of the duo’s presentations, released a statement about the cancellation of two shows they would do, on December 17th and 18th, in the cities of Sorriso and Glória d’Oeste, both in Mato Grosso.

On December 25th, a photo was posted on the duo’s profile with a Christmas message and thanks for the prayers to Maurílio. “Much health and light in the hearts of all and, once again, our thanks for all the prayers, donations and positive energy towards our Maurílio!”.

The musician’s wake and burial were held in the city of Imperatriz, in Maranhão.


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