‘There was a lack of sorority’, says Gretchen after being criticized for her appearance by a supposed doctor


Gretchen, 63, has already deflected several criticisms on social networks because of her appearance, but this Thursday (18), the singer raised the tone. She revolted when she was cited by a supposed doctor as an example that women should not follow when it comes to beauty care. According to the mother of the councilor of São Paulo (PL), Thammy Miranda, the professional marked and pointed out several defects in her body and made announcements.

“I think this type of professional shouldn’t have a client, because they had to use my image to promote their work”, began Gretchen, disgusted with the comment about her “dry” and “lifeless” neck. “We’re reaching a point where professionals no longer have ethics. You say you teach courses. Only if it’s a course of lack of education or lack of sorority. You lacked sorority on your part”, she shot.

Gretchen revealed that she is always advised to ignore hate attacks, but the situation has reached an extreme. “How can this, people? A person who claims to be a doctor? Why not take a client of hers and post the before and after?”, She questioned. She then went on to warn that she would sue the person who presented herself as a dermatologist on social media: “The time you used my image, you will have to pay in euros, because my lawyer is from Portugal. Dear.”

Finally, Gretchen sent a message. “You are a woman and will grow old one day. I hope she grows old with at least half the health and aesthetics that I have, because this is genetics”, she concluded.

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Gretchen exposes alleged doctor who criticized her appearance – Playback/Instagram

Source: Folha

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