Maria Bakodimou once again fell victim to electronic fraud, as she reported on the show “Gia sou”. The well-known presenter referred to the incident saying: “There is an online fraud, photoshop, that shows me holding a drinkable product. I didn’t look into it too much. Thanks to the friends who sent it to me on instagram, and they say that I, for all my age, look much younger because I drink this stuff.’

“I want you to be very careful. Because there are products, which can be very dangerous. You don’t know what they have. And if you see a famous person holding a bottle, photoshop is not out of the question, as in this case. And it happens all too often. By the time you go to the Electronic Crime Prosecution, to file a lawsuit, they have sold out and are disappearing,” he pointed out.

She also mentioned another incident of online fraud that had happened to her in the past. “It has happened to me with weight loss pills, which I advertised again and a lady who had bought them called me and asked me when I saw results. And there I went crazy and found it.”

“That’s why we always notify if we’re the victim of an online scam. For you to find out too. And what you see, consider it 100% a scam”, Ms. Bakodimou concluded.