Claudia Ohana says people still ask about Playboy shoot: ‘Too much hair underneath’


Claudia Ohana’s nude shoot in Playboy magazine in 1984 still resonates today. During an interview, the actress and interpreter of Dora in “Vai Na Fé” said that comments about the natural photos are still made nowadays and said, without revealing names, that the friends of a colleague in the plot wanted to know if the artist keeps the hair in the intimate region.

“Everyone asks too much, a scene colleague said that friends ask her if I still have it. Then she says ‘I won’t be looking'”, she said on the Rap 77 podcast. Claudia also said that her favorite social network is Instagram, and will record a video for the platform to talk about how it is.

“I’ll explain how the thing is, there’s a lot of hair on top and a lot of hair on the bottom, but they don’t ask if it’s white.” The actress said that the photos were taken in an apartment in the United States, in a rehearsal for the film “Eréndira” (1984).

“I did it in an apartment quickly because I had to catch a plane to return to Brazil. The shoot was sold here and I didn’t earn anything, I was the only one who didn’t get rich with Playboy. I think they did photoshop and my pubes grew, at that time nobody shaved”, he joked.

Source: Folha

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