The famous legacy of Vivienne Westwood’s corsets was the focus of an exhibition entitled “Vivienne Westwood Corsets – 1987 to Present Day». The exhibition was hosted at the brand’s flagship Mayfair store and organized as part of London Craft Week.

Beginning in the late 1980s, the Vivienne Westwood reintroduced corsets into her collection Harris Tweed for Fall-Winter 1987, a pivotal moment in her illustrious career. The exhibition highlighted the journey of reshaping the historically restrictive garment into a symbol of empowerment.

The sleeveless bustier, inspired by 18th century fashion, defied convention by elevating corsets from underwear to outerwear.

Corsets by Vivienne Westwood

The exhibition featured a series of corsets designed by the late fashion designer and her husband, Andreas Krondhaler, who took over as creative director of the brand’s ‘Gold Label’ collection in 2016. The collection is also available on the brand’s online store.

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