In this day and age, to open or “run” one neighborhood bookstore, rather, it seems daring – even romantic -, since the risk has proven to be high for this type of business. And yet, you will be surprised at how many small bookstores there are around us, which constitute in their own way an integral part of every neighborhood and important pole of knowledge, ideas, culture.

It’s about these little, beautiful bookstoreswhich “adorn” our neighborhoods in their own special way, offering a somewhat different space, which gives you the opportunity to tuck into a warm corner and get lost in the worlds of countless books.

And if there’s one thing we love about small bookstores, it’s the warmth they exude, the willingness and love with which these people approach the book, the way they’ll help you, guide you, and ultimately make you feel at home . Which makes sense since you are in a space where abundant discussion, communication and exchange of ideas are inevitable.

On the occasion of her Small Bookstore Weektherefore, which will last until May 27 with 100 bookstores in the country to invite us to a spring celebration full of events, we present to you our favorite small bookstores in the center of Athens, which make the neighborhoods of the city a little more beautiful.