An award-winning television program with huge success in more than 15 countries internationally, comes to next season. “I’ MA CELEBRITY… get me out of here”, famous Greeks who want to test their limits exclaim and the adventure begins!

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Participants will have to leave their comfortable lifestyle to compete in an interactive survival game in the heart of the jungle. To ensure their daily survival, they will have to be tested in extreme challenges, faced with borderline decisions, and also complete “creepy” tests!
In this exciting showdown, full of hilarious moments, some will make friends and some will make enemies. Are you ready to see your favorite celebrities like you’ve never seen them before? Only those who can complete each challenge and overcome their fears will eventually be crowned “queen” or “king” of the jungle.

“I’ MA CELEBRITY… get me out of here”, started in Great Britain produced by ITV, while it has been broadcast with great success in many countries, such as Australia, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Finland, France, India, Netherlands , Sweden, USA etc. and has received several television awards, including BAFTA awards.

A show fun but at the same time, scary!

A show for daring celebrities.

Who in the end can’t stand it and shout “I’ MA CELEBRITY… get me out of here”?

It’s coming to SKAI