With the ratings debate raging, on My Style Rocks on .

Thursday’s episode (25/5) of My Style Rocks, which was also the last before the big gala of the week, ended.

The beginning was made with Nicole Despotopoulou, who did not take too “coolly” Iliana’s complimentary double to Claire Tolis.

The player, in fact, in a terrible outburst and unable to hide her irritation, threatened to leave.

Afterwards, it was Anastasia Samara’s turn to be (unwittingly) at the center of such a discussion. In this particular case, it was the judges who raised the issue, as they found that the scores Anastasia received from her teammates were quite low.

In fact, there was also a little tension between her and Nicole and Emilia, who argued that Anastasia speaks from safety, without having been wronged in previous episodes.

Seleni Fotiadis also had complaints from the jury, who considers that she is not one of her favorite players.

As soon as Iliana Papageorgiou heard this, she rushed to comfort her, with the player already bursting into tears.

Earlier, Dimitris Skoulos and Stelios Koudounaris commented “caustically” on the 4 that Seleni received from Emilia Vodos, leaving suspicions that something strange is going on…

However, Emilia’s concept was one of the most… special.

The player left Katerina Karavatou speechless when she announced that she was going to a night club, the program of which included a strip show.

In the competitive part, the winner of the day was Olga Kotlida, beating Anastasia Samaras by the smallest possible margin: only 0.1!

Somehow, it secured an extra point ahead of tomorrow’s (26/5) gala, which is themed ‘Photography for Social Media’.