This year’s summer camp of Museum of Cycladic Art inspired by nature. Five days, from Monday to Fridaythrough myths, games, works of art, dance, music and contact with nature itself, children are inspired and create their own works, which they will have the opportunity to exhibit at the end, in a special celebration with parents their.

This year’s Summer Camp will take place in 6 five days: 19-23/6, 26-30/6, 3-7/7, 10-14/7, 17-21/7, 24-28/7.


Day 1: Getting to know Mother Nature

The Mother Goddess welcomes us to summer camp and tells us stories from the birth of the world. Cycladic figurines and the art of the natives of the Pacific ocean inspire us to create our works with colors that Cycladic figurines once had.

Day 2: Art with natural materials

A walk in the garden of the Museum gives us inspiration to create a work of land art with natural materials, through contemporary artists, such as Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, who reveal to us the secrets of their art. Then we return to our workshop and, inspired by the works of Native Americans and contemporary artist Brian Jungen, make our own totems with original and recycled materials.

Day 3: Animal kingdom made of clay

African animal myths and clay animals from Ancient Greece inspire us to make our own clay animals. Pablo Picasso invites us to play with an original technique, making animals of our imagination. We look closely at ancient coins and create our own by decorating them with our favorite real or imaginary animals.