The story of her representation LGBT+ community in films and series hides exciting (and at the same time sad) pieces, making great progress in inclusivity in recent years. On the occasion of his institution Pride for the month of June, below is a list of top comedy, drama, and romance series and movies from streaming platforms featuring favorite queer characters to get you in the spirit.

  • “Eliza and Marcela” by Isabel Coixet on Netflix

Shocking 2019 drama film based on true story of 2 women which constitute the first same-sex couple ever married, June 8, 1901 in Spain. It tells the story of Elisa and Marcela, who fall in love and decide to get married, despite the fact that same-sex relationships were not accepted. While trying to keep their love under wraps, they devise a complicated plan to achieve legalization of their marriage: Eliza “steals” the identity of a man, Mario Sanchez. The film highlights their struggle for recognition of their love and identity by society and the system.

  • You Have No Idea by Alice Wu on Netflix

A 2020 romantic comedy centered around friendship, teenage love and the discovery of sexuality. It follows the story of Eli, an intelligent and isolated student. When a boyfriend… “orders” her to write love letters to win over the girl they’re both in love with, Ellie agrees to help. As the two develop an unlikely friendship, Ellie struggles with her own feelings and questions whether she can be happy staying behind the role she plays. The film explores themes such as self-acceptance and offers a sweet and heartwarming look at teenage relationships.

  • “Joyland” by Saim Sadiq on Cinobo

2022 film that is a landmark for queer cinema, since it is the first Pakistani film to be screened at Cannes and unfortunately banned in its home country. A dramatic story full of vitality and color that follows a young man from a traditional Pakistani family who falls madly in love with a trans woman and their forbidden love slowly awakens the desire of those around them for a sexual revolution.