Big win for the Fighters team in the first immunity match of the week. The Blues came into the match better from the start with Sakis Katsouli trying for a long time alone to keep his team in the match. Melina and Vassalos gradually got into the rhythm of the match and managed to score some points as well. However, the same did not happen with Marialena, who finished the race completely exhausted.

The race ended in two races, with the Blues winning the flag race.

The decimated Reds are down to just four men, making them vulnerable to any immunity loss, with the margins getting ever narrower. The team duly gathered their pieces and went to the Council to nominate the first candidate of the week. This was Konstantinos Vassalos. The player initially stated that he has no problem with his candidacy, and competitive criteria certainly played a part. However, he clearly hinted that despite what we have seen so far in the game with him and Takis making close friends with the pair of Saki & Marialena, perhaps for reasons of friendship his Cypriot teammate was not voted for.