Walk in the imposing Ziria and the frozen lake Dassiou (VIDEO)


According to mythology, in mountainous Corinth, on Mount Kyllini or Ziria, grew the mole, a mythical grass with magical properties, which Hermes gave to Odysseus to protect him from the spells of Circe. But in a also magical way, the magical properties of the grass, calm and touch you as you face this beautiful landscape of the frozen mountain and make you love it at first sight.

With an altitude of 2374 meters, according to Travel Inspiration, Ziria is the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese, while its name probably comes from the Slavic word “žir” which means acorn.

It is a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors every year, with a larger attendance mainly during the winter months, since on its slopes the wonderful ski center of Ziria has been operating since 2007, which is in fact the closest to Attica. Framed with fir trees, with a wonderful chalet and two slopes (one for beginners and one for advanced), it is suitable for endless sledding games for young and old.

The beautiful picturesque villages dressed in the colors of nature, is also one of the reasons for the preference of visitors, as well as the amazing nature trails, which in their simplicity have a lot to offer you.

On the way to the ski resort, one meets Lake Dassi which is one of the few natural lakes in the Peloponnese and is one of the few in Greece at this altitude. It is essentially a mountainous seasonal lake with an area of ​​about 60 acres, which is characterized as a polga, ie a shallow lake. Its waters come from snowfall or rainfall, while its name is due to the strong family of Dassios or Daseians from Trikala, Corinth, which cultivated land in the wider area of ​​the lake and maintained flocks of sheep and goats.

With the peculiarity of the transformation, the lake gives the area a unique image no matter what season you visit. In summer, its karst basin with clayey sediments is dry, while its waters appear from autumn to early summer. But its icy surface in which all the magic of winter nature is reflected, offers a spectacle that is imprinted in the memory of visitors and that can hardly be forgotten.

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