Prince Harry asks justice to grant him police protection in the UK


Prince Harry, 37, has applied for judicial review to secure the right to have police security on future visits to the UK. According to a statement, he would pay for this service, which he says is essential to keep his family safe.

The request is a review of a 2020 Home Office ruling that barred Harry from personally funding police protection during an event, a spokesperson said in a statement released on Saturday, after information about the action leaked to the press.

The statement said Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, 40, already paid for their private security service, but she would not guarantee their protection on visits to the UK, where they were guaranteed police security until they left their duties as heirs to the throne. , in 2020.

Faced with the end of this privilege, Harry would have asked to pay for police services to protect him, but the request was denied. With that, he says he had his security compromised during a visit to the country in July last year, for the inauguration of a statue in honor of Princess Diana.

“With the lack of police protection, a very great personal risk arises. Prince Harry hopes that his petition, after almost two years of requests for security in the UK, will resolve this situation”, says the prince’s representative, who highlights his interest. that the youngest daughter, Lili, 7 months old, gets to know her father’s country.

Harry left his commitments as heirs to the British throne in 2020 and has since lived with his wife and two children in North America. He spent time in Canada, Meghan’s home country, and now lives in the United States. Born in June 2021, Lili has yet to meet her grandfather, Prince Charles, and her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.


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