Giorgos Gabritsos takes over the position of managing director of the Benaki Museum, the museum’s Board of Directors announced.

According to the announcement of the Administrative Committee of the Benaki Museum, “this collaboration, which will begin immediately, is the result of a process which attracted the interest of many and notable people. With his valuable experience in important staff positions as well as his versatile abilities, he will contribute decisively to the development and prosperity of the Foundation. Mr. Gabritsos takes over this position from Mr. Haris Siampanis, who served the Benaki Museum for the last 12 years – a particularly difficult period for it – contributing catalytically to its strengthening.”

The president of the Administrative Committee of the Benaki Museum, Irini Geroulanou, welcomes the new managing director, stating the following: “After a fairly extensive selection period, where we met and talked with many extremely interesting people, I am sure that Giorgos Gabritsos in the position of the managing director of the Benaki Museum, he is the most suitable to lead the museum on the roads of security and solid formation in the years to come.

We chose him for his valuable experience, for what he has achieved and for what he has proven. We were obviously very moved by his personal interest in the museum that has lasted for many years.

Giorgos Gabritsos finds the Benaki Museum with less anxieties and insecurities on his back than those we have experienced in the last ten years – at least -. He finds it stronger. But he has to face other challenges, not easy ones.

Because in the coming years the Benaki Museum must work hard to ensure the certainty of its future; it must close its first 100 years strong, durable and bright, with many more 100 years ahead of it.

We welcome him to an environment that recognizes the purity, ethics and quality of people, their dedication, endurance, integrity and struggle. In an environment of people who know and can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently – with spectacular results – it is enough that the goals are common and important.

I would like to finish by thanking Haris Siabanis with all my heart for the unique collaboration we had and for his own struggle, which allows us today to be optimistic. And I’m glad that in various ways, we will all be able to work together for a long time to come.”

For his part, Mr. Siabanis stated: “The Benaki Museum is emerging from a long period of restructuring and consolidation not only unscathed but also more “aware” than ever. I am proud to have been a part of this important change. One of the most important cultural institutions of our country can now gaze upon the milestone of 100 years (2030) of uninterrupted operation and service more optimistically than ever. Good luck to Mr. Gabritsos and a big thank you to everyone I worked with.”

Mr. Gabritsos said: “It is a special honor for me, and I am very happy to take on the role of managing director at the Benaki Museum. As a member of his chosen family, I will contribute to the collective effort for the development and strengthening of the museum, and the continuation of its invaluable contribution to the preservation and promotion of the history, art and culture of our country.”

Biography of Giorgos Gabritsos

Giorgos Gabritsos grew up in Ioannina and studied at the Zosimaia School of Ioannina. He studied in America, and is a graduate of the Polytechnic School of New York University with a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering.

His professional career began in the 80s at the American television network CBS in New York, and continued in Greece from the beginning of private television until today.

He has worked in staff positions in the most important television and telecommunication organizations in Greece, with a significant contribution to the development of radio and television in the country. He was a founding executive of the MEGA Channel television station, CEO of DIGEA, as well as president and CEO of ERT in 2010. He contributed significantly to the creation and development of pay television in the country, holding leadership positions for many years at NOVA, and later at COSMOTE-TV. He has also been a special consultant and board member in international and Greek organizations and companies.

In recent years, again from the position of CEO of ERT, he successfully led the total restart and reformation of public broadcasting.

His interests include history and culture, politics and economics, scientific and technological developments, and their role in the formation of man and the evolution of societies.