Interview on the show “Our Breakfast”with Fai Skordas, to SKAI, was given by Konstantinos Vassalos after his departure from the “Survivor All Star”.

Asked how he feels after his retirement and whether he expected to be the player to leave the game, he said: “The first few hours outside of Survivor are bad. I didn’t expect to leave. I think I’m a character that didn’t have a fan base. People laughed at me, but they weren’t fanatical».

Konstantinos Vassalos admitted that he was not the “best” in competitions and that according to him there are people who vote competitively. “I think that’s why I left.” he said and added: “I was upset that I left. I thought I would be in the top three or four. Certainly, Bartzis is in the trio and certainly Stavroula is also very strong. They both have potential, each for their own reason, without, however, wanting to underestimate the rest of the guys».

Regarding Gotsis’ “chapter” and the relationship between them, the former “Survivor All Star” player emphasized that “if Elias had apologized to Mr. Atjun, everything would have been solved. Elias is stubborn. I never claimed any of his stolen goods. From the first month in the game we didn’t hang out. Elias hung out with Pilidis and Bogdanos. Together with Taki, we were the first to talk about his strange movements. Honestly, I don’t understand why he’s upset with me. He could have nerves with Bogdano who were close friends. He got bitter with me because I wanted him to be funny and he couldn’t».

A comment made by Ilias Gotsi about the humor of Constantinos Vassalos, that “it is for the Dolphinarium”, he said: “If I’m for Dolphinarium, then he’s for Korydallos. Humor is also an indicator of intelligence. It’s okay, Ilias. Good heart!». Regarding my relationship with Stavroula, he pointed out that it is “extremely friendly, and that there is no love story. I say it unequivocally».