Carolina Ferraz criticizes ‘toxic positivity’ and pressure to be a ‘better human’


Carolina Ferraz used social media to express her frustration with the so-called “toxic positivity” last Wednesday (28). The publication divided the opinions of Internet users on the page of the actress and presenter.

In the video, Carolina shared her experience when faced with the following question when opening Instagram: “‘Hi, good morning, what have you done today to become a better human being?'”. Outraged, the presenter claimed to have canceled the person responsible for the questioning, criticizing the imposed obligation to strive to be a better person.

Emphasizing that, although she is committed to self-development, Carolina expressed her irritation with those who promote “joy coaching” which, according to her, can become uncomfortable. The actress highlighted the negative aspect of this approach, referring to it as “toxic positivity”.

Carolina opined on the importance of allowing people to experience sadness and mourning: “I have a friend and her mother passed away. Let the person suffer, people! Let her grieve, she will recover, it is obvious. But, to recover, you need to live through that pain”.

In the comments, most of the followers supported the actress. “The only thing I want to receive in the morning from today is this message”, commented actor Lucio Mauro Filho. Actress Giovanna Lancellotti called Carolina an “icon”.

Already a smaller part of Internet users revolted with the lines of the actress. “When a person’s speech that wasn’t directed at you bothers you to the point that you make a video, the problem is more with you than with the person”, commented user Luis Carlos Ladesma”

Source: Folha

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