Sarah Jessica Parker says she regrets not having plastic surgery sooner: ‘Is it too late?’


Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 58, known as the eternal Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex And The City’ and the revival ‘And Just Like That’, told in an interview that she doesn’t like looking in the mirror and wonders if it’s too late to perform a surgical intervention.

“I really think I missed out on a facelift, the good old facelift you get when you’re 44, but I’m always thinking. I ask people, ‘Is it too late?'” he said in an interview with presenter Howard Stern.

The actress also stated that she does not think she is beautiful, but “presentable” and that she understands women who resort to the procedure. “I understand people who go for it because there’s a lot of pressure around women’s appearances.”

About the return of the stories of the four friends, Sarah said that she asked the production director not to record nude scenes.

“I didn’t feel comfortable exposing myself that way, I’m just shy. I’ve never judged anyone who does that, it’s not a question of morality.”

Kristin Davis, actress of the same series, said that she regrets having made aesthetic interventions, but that she resorted to it as a way of dealing with comparisons with her younger version.

“I was super excited that I didn’t need to have my sidelines. Then I had infills and it was good, then I had another one and it was bad. I had to dissolve them and I was relentlessly mocked. I shed tears over it. It’s just too stressful,”

Source: Folha

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