Celebrities ask for the arrest of André Valadão after allegedly homotransphobic speech


Felipe Neto, Mateus Carrilho and other celebrities asked for the arrest of André Valadão. After the pastor said that “God would kill all LGBTQIA + if he could”, dozens of celebrities revolted this Monday (3) and asked for measures. The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) has already stated that it will investigate the evangelical pastor for the alleged crime of homotransphobia.

“Pastor André Valadão made it clear that evangelicals should kill homosexuals. What’s missing to arrest this guy? What else does he need to do or say?”, wrote Felipe Neto, on his Twitter profile. “I want André Valadão in jail, that coward isn’t even in the country”, said musician Mateus Carrilho.

The name of the evangelical pastor was among the most commented subjects on Twitter when implying that the faithful should kill members of the LGBT+ community. The episode took place on Sunday (2) at Lagoinha Baptist Church in Orlando, United States.

wanted by Sheet of São Paulo, Valadão said his statement was taken out of context and sent the link to a video he shared on his profile. In the play, he blames “the mainstream media” for the cult’s backlash. “For God’s sake, people, I don’t say [para] we annihilate people. I say that it is up to us to lead the human being to the principle of what is the will of God”, he says, in an excerpt.


Source: Folha

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