Paulo Silvino’s heiress opines about commercials after her father’s death: ‘He, from heaven, would say amen’


The daughter of actor Paulo Silvino published, this Saturday (8), Isabela, about the rights of the heirs over the image of the parents. This week, a commercial for a car brand generated controversy on social networks by reviving Elis Regina, alongside her daughter Maria Rita. Isabela then gave her opinion on the situation of those who profit from the case.

“Do you know the house, the car, the property that your relative who died left you? So, my father’s artistic image and everything he did artistically belongs to me and my brothers, who are also his heirs”, she began. . Isabela even makes a comparison: “You wouldn’t leave the apartment that mom left for you open for anyone to enter, would you? The same thing with me and any other heir to copyright and image. We really care. It doesn’t matter what that everyone thinks, but we always want the best.”

According to her, the advertisements starring Silvino were synonymous with money at home. “We need money. If I used my father’s image for an advertisement tomorrow, he from heaven would say AMEN”, she wrote, in another excerpt. “How do I know that? He was my father. People think they know a lot about artists. But the family really does.”

Finally, she recalled that movies, documentaries and all kinds of media raise a lot of money. “And with the image of dead artists, look how crazy”, she adds.

Source: Folha

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