MC Marcinho undergoes surgery to implant an artificial heart


MC Marcinho, 45, underwent surgery this Thursday (27) to implant an artificial heart. According to the bulletin released by the hospital in the late afternoon, the procedure was successful and the singer’s health status is considered stable.

“The patient Marcio André Nepomuceno Garcia, hospitalized at the Copa D’Or Hospital since 06/27/23, underwent surgery to implant an artificial heart. The procedure was performed uneventfully. At the moment, he remains stable and recovering “, says the advisory text.

The singer has been intubated since Monday (10), when he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. The next day, he even underwent a treatment known as ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation). That is, the patient’s oxygenation was being carried out by a membrane outside the funk artist’s body. Marcinho uses a pacemaker to regulate his heartbeat after health problems, which began in 2019.

In March of this year, he was hospitalized to change the pacemaker due to a defect in the functioning of the device. The following month, Marcinho was already recovered and had returned to the stage. The MC is one of the biggest names in carioca funk and has been successful since the 1990s. Among his main hits are “Glamurosa” and “Rap do Solitário”.

Source: Folha

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