Parents of producer killed in plane crash sue Marília Mendonça’s team


One year and seven months after the death of Marília Mendonça, the singer’s team was surprised by the news of a lawsuit by Henrique Bahia’s family. The producer’s parents, who also died in the plane crash in Piedade de Caratinga, Minas Gerais, ask for recognition of the professional’s employment relationship with the singer. Bahia worked with the sertaneja for three years.

The producer’s father, George Freitas, was the one who announced the action on social networks at the beginning of July. “May justice be done and that your employment relationship be recognized, in the name of your legacy, your professionalism and everything you represented to those who worked and lived with you!”, wrote George.

He then continued: “You didn’t just work for an office/artist, you lived 24 hours a day for your work. You gave your blood in everything you did. This fight will be until the end of all your family and friends, my fat,” he concludes.

This Thursday (13), the F5 sought the press office of Marília Mendonça, who confirmed the existence of a labor lawsuit against the singer’s team and informed that a hearing took place on Friday, July 7th. “It is true that there is an ongoing process in the Labor Court filed by the son of Henrique Bahia, represented by his mother. For legal reasons, we cannot provide more details about the case, since it is secret from Justice”, says the note.

In the statement, the producer Sentimento Louco Produções Artísticas and the Espólio de Marilia Mendonça also reinforced that they sought dialogue and a conciliatory solution before the family of Henrique Bahia filed the lawsuit.

Marília Mendonça and Henrique Bahia died on November 5, 2021 in the plane crash. In addition to them, the singer’s uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, the plane’s pilot and co-pilot, Geraldo Martins Medeiros and Tarcísio Pessoa Viana, were on the aircraft.

Source: Folha

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