We are only a few days away from the premiere of the film “Barbie” by Greta Gerwig and already, for some time now, it seems to be leading the discussions. The promotional period that preceded it was crowned with absolute success, since there is a frenzy that seems to be spreading everywhere: In fashion, in makeup, even in fitness.

Yes, you read that right. Because in addition to all the other trends associated with the commercial and cinematic character of Barbie, there is also a dance training, established in the early 90s, when Mattel released the “Dance! Workout With Barbie» in 1992.

This is a workout that is definitely worth trying.

According to the promise at the start of the video, you’re about to follow “a safe, enjoyable 25-minute routine of mild-intensity dance aerobics designed for ages 5 and up.”

Sounds easy, right?

Barbie, who we see at the beginning of the video, then hands over the reins to Kim, a true fitness coach, who takes it upon herself to show us the dance workout.

Kim begins the warm-up, which consists of fairly simple movements such as side-to-side steps and some cheerleader-inspired arm movements. At first, you might feel like you’re moving clumsily trying to keep up, but quickly the workout feels like a fun game.

The heart rate increases and then the body relaxes with some dimensions, in a sequence of movements, strongly reminiscent of classic electro-pop of the 90s.

In the main part of the workout, Kim starts with ‘Barbie Basic’, a fairly demanding 10-minute set of moves. These are moves that cycle at quite a high speed, so you may need to rewind the video a few times in order to understand the sequence between exercises like The Attitude, The Bunny Flop, Hot Stepping or Street Tapping.

If something doesn’t work out for you as well as Barbie, don’t be disappointed. Just follow as many steps as you can while enjoying the rhythm and feel the serotonin flood your whole body.

The workout closes with a freestyle part, where the girls on screen break away from the strictly structured moves to a more improvisational rhythm. Forget your inhibitions, try dancing and you will realize how wonderfully liberating it is.

After all, training Barbie, as cute as it sounds, is quite demanding. It harmoniously combines a workout that can offer you significant benefits without being unpleasant.

If cardio workouts aren’t your thing, then the Barbie workout is the best alternative to get your heart rate up and release serotonin, in a fun way. Ultimately, it teaches young and old an important lesson: It’s okay to “stumble” and make mistakes, as long as you give it your all and can laugh at yourself in the process.