Alice Wegmann says she has already suffered sexual abuse


Actress Alice Wegmann, 27, told through social media that she had already been a victim of sexual abuse. In an extensive outburst, the actress shared details about her experience recording the series “Justice 2” (Globoplay), in which her character, Carolina, faces abuse committed by her uncle, played by Murilo Benício. She connected the plot with her own life story.

“Saying goodbye to the characters is always more difficult than getting into them. Maybe because I’ve always been inside, or they’ve been inside me. Carolina brought me challenges and very intimate confrontations, her story intersects with mine and that of thousands of others. girls and women of our country,” he began.

“The overwhelming majority of us have already suffered abuse, including rape, harassment and other types of violence. I already have. [autora] Manuela Dias put it on paper is to tell the story of a real Brazil”, added the actress.

According to her, it is difficult to talk about justice in a country as unequal as Brazil. “Giving Carolina life was like giving myself a little more life. This series is, for me, a denunciation. May ‘Justice 2’ reach your hearts to question, transform and change the course of history.”

The series seeks to offer a unique perspective on justice for each individual who is unwilling to wait for law enforcement. The format allows the crossing between the characters.

There is no premiere forecast for Globoplay subscribers. The exhibition on open TV should wait for the 2024 calendar.

Source: Folha

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