Medical report of young woman who accuses Prior of rape found vaginal laceration


One of the three women who accuses Felipe Prior of rape gave an interview to Fantástico (Globo) and stated that she only had the courage to report the situation after realizing that she was not the only victim. In July, the former BBB was sentenced to six years in prison for rape, as a result of a complaint made in 2020.

The woman claimed that, on the night of August 8, 2014, she caught a ride with the architect after a university party. But that, halfway there, he got into the backseat and would have pulled her. Even after saying that she did not want to, according to her, Prior would have continued with the abuse.

In 2020, the same year he participated in the reality show, he was accused of rape and attempted rape by three women. The crimes would have happened between 2014 and 2018.

After the sentence, the participant, through his lawyers, released a note on social networks in which he claims to be innocent. “The sentence will be the subject of an Appeal, given the irresignation of Felipe Antoniazzi Prior and his Defense, who fully believe in him, depositing unrestricted credit in his innocence.”

The young woman said she went to the hospital the same day because she had continuous bleeding from her vagina. The Fantástico report states that she had access to the medical report, which found a grade one laceration compatible with rubbing a penis or another instrument.

The victim said that she learned, in 2017, of reports of women who would also have been abused by the participant, but only decided to report it in 2020, when she learned that he was one of the members of Big Brother Brasil.

Source: Folha

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