Your first thought to cool off after a hot day is a cold bath.

Although the benefits of cold are enough, warm water will keep your body temperature constant and you will feel instantly refreshed.

In the event that you prefer cold water because it relaxes you, especially now in the summer, you can turn the tap to hot in the last few minutes.

The same goes for after exercise or a leisurely jog: prefer to cool off with a lukewarm to hot bath. Most people are familiar with the benefits of cold water which is supposed to enhance recovery, reduce muscle pain and improve mental health.

If you just want to take a bath while you are at home or if you have been exposed to the sun it is much better to take a lukewarm bath to refresh yourself.

It’s true that the reason you feel uncomfortable in the heat is because your body is trying to maintain a normal body temperature, and at the same time, the nervous system is instructing the body to make behavioral adjustments to calm down. Sweat is the body’s natural way to cool down and lower its temperature.

Discomfort is the body’s way of telling you that you should stop what you are doing and adapt to the situations around you. The cold shower tricks the body into thinking it is no longer warm, preventing it from (wrongly) sweating.

It turns out that the temperature that is ideal for the balance of the body is 33 degrees to stay cool for several hours. Warm water will increase blood flow and help with heat loss.

Final conclusion? Use the cold water in the morning to wake up, the hot water after training and fifteen minutes before going to sleep. The warm temperature of the water will lower your blood pressure, resulting in a quick and good sleep.

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