Angélica says she feels pressured by internet users for a ‘perfect life’

Angélica says she feels pressured by internet users for a ‘perfect life’

Despite always working on television and with the public, Angélica went through moments of anxiety and insecurity due to social networks. The presenter, 49, revealed that she suffered from the pressure of Internet users for a “perfect life” and had to find ways to deal with the charge.

“With the advancement of technology and the polarization of social media, we are faced with a reality in which everything seems perfect, and the pressure for an idealized image becomes constant. I also went through times when I felt overwhelmed by this pressure. The expectation of always being perfect and having an impeccable life made me anxious and insecure”, said Angélica in a video on her Instagram

Then, presenter Luciano Huck’s wife shared with followers how she managed and still manages to face the difficulties. She explained that she seeks to balance her relationship with the internet. “I realized that I needed to find wellness practices to deal with all of this. I tried to take care of myself and also resorted to meditation and physical exercises. I learned to value my true essence, recognizing that it is not necessary to correspond to unrealistic standards”.

Angélica, who recently said she had given her mother a vibrator, encouraged her followers to do the same with regard to the opinions of others. “I want to encourage all of you to find ways to promote mental and emotional balance. Remember that we are authentic human beings, with good times and bad, and there is no need to constantly compare ourselves to what we see on screen.”

Source: Folha

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