Margot Robbie once worked at Subway and cleaned houses before making it big in Hollywood


Margot Robbie had to work hard before kick-starting her acting career and, today, being able to star in the movie “Barbie”. The 33-year-old actress landed her first screen role aged 17, in the Australian series “Neighbours”, after repeatedly calling the director.

The year was 2008 and, lucky for her, the directors were looking for actresses in her age group to play the bisexual teenager Donna Freedman. Before becoming one of the highest paid actresses in the world, Margot worked in restaurants, pharmacies and cleaning houses.

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine in 2015, she related that she worked at a local restaurant when she was 10 years old to clean silverware and cut ingredients. At 14, her job was at a bar, which she defined as “not cool at all”.

In the same interview, she said that she already had three simultaneous jobs in order to constantly save money in order to move to the United States. Her last work before becoming known in “Neighbors” was in the Subway franchise.

“I was really good at it. The secret is to slice and dice everything in such a way that every bite is good,” she told Vanity Fair. Six months later, she was hired to do an advertisement for the chain and said she was paid 20 times what she made making sandwiches.

The star also faced difficulties in family relationships. Her father, Dougie Robbie, split from her mother Sarie Kessler when the actress was a child. Margot never said much about him, but it’s known that they don’t have a very sisterly relationship.

Douglas Robbie, father of actress Margot Robbie – @douglas.robbie on Instagram

Asked in 2016 by Harper’s Bazaar what features of hers were similar to Doug’s, she said: “None, I’m not like him at all.” The previous year, Lachlan Robbie, one of the artist’s brothers, made a Father’s Day post to the genitor and wrote: “We may not be a normal family, but you gave us an education and were there when we needed it.”

Vogue in the United States stated in an article that Margot’s house had little luxury and only one bathroom for five people.

Her father’s estrangement was also explicit during her marriage to British producer Tom Ackerley, in 2016, when she opted for her mother to walk down the aisle.

Source: Folha

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