Music moves Europe: Who are the award winners (pic + vid)

Music moves Europe: Who are the award winners (pic + vid)

The winners of the “Music Moves Europe” awards were announced last night at an awards ceremony at the ESNS Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands.

An international jury of music industry experts selected the winners from a list of the top 15 nominees who appeared online in front of an international audience. The award recognizes the success of artists who resonate with audiences across their country.

Ms. Maria Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, congratulated all the nominees and stressed: “The Music Awards move Europe to highlight the richness and diversity of European music. By honoring the European music of today and tomorrow, we are not just supporting a dynamic scene, but helping young European artists embark on an international career at a time when they are being hit hard by the pandemic. “Focusing on youth and their needs is exactly what the European Year of Youth we are celebrating this year is trying to achieve.”

The Grand Jury Prize for 2022 was awarded to Meskerem Mees from Belgium. The other artists who won the “Music moves Europe” award in 2022 are: Blanks (Netherlands), Denise Chaila (Ireland), Deva (Hungary), Mezerg (France) and Alina Pash (Ukraine). In addition to these six awards, music lovers from all over the world were able to vote online for their favorite artist. This year, the winners of the audience award are the band Ladaniva (Armenia). The European Prize for Contemporary and Pop Music is co-funded by the Creative Europe program. Each winner of the prize received € 10,000 and the winner of the grand jury prize also received a € 5,000 travel voucher. The winners of the audience award received 5,000 euros.

The awards are part of the broader “Music Moves Europe” initiative, which supports the music industry.

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