BBB 22: Ana Maria Braga sends a message to Rodrigo: ‘No it’s not’


Ana Maria Braga, 72, showed that she is people like us and decided to enter social networks to comment on the events of the week at BBB 22 (Globo). The presenter of Mais Você (on the same station) showed that she has been following closely what is happening on the reality show.

In a publication made this Sunday (23), she decided to give an opinion on some situations involving participant Rodrigo Mussi. The São Paulo commercial manager has already been involved in at least three controversies: he used the word “traveco” to refer to a transvestite, called Ludmilla a “friend” of Brunna Gonçalves (the two are married) and cursed Bárbara after she did not want to dance with he.

“I wanted to leave these scenes here, because I found them very educational”, said Ana Maria. “Rodrigo Mussi talks to Linn da Quebrada about the use of the word ‘traveco’. He was received with patience (and class) by the singer, who calmly explained that it is, yes, an aggressive word.”

“In another moment, he makes ‘investigations’ in Bárbara and tells her to ‘take it in the c*’ [sic], apparently, for not getting what he wants with her”, continued the presenter. “Rodrigo also called Brunna Gonçalves Ludmilla’s friend.”

“To make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes”, she evaluated. “May he learn from his mistakes. He himself said he was willing to learn. I hope he learns in time. And that Brazil can learn together: She’s a transvestite, she’s a wife and she’s not.”

Later, Ana Maria returned to social networks to comment more about BBB 22. This time, however, she decided to highlight positive scenes from other participants.

“Tiago Abravanel, super sensitive, explaining to Naiara Azevedo that she doesn’t have to cook for everyone,” he recalled. “In fact, a gesture is worth a thousand words. Naiara made a mistake, who doesn’t? And she found a way to distribute love in the house.”

“Cooking, serving, is a gesture of love,” he said. “But everyone deserves it, and here I think a lot of people will understand, receive affection too, take care of themselves too. And I think Naiara will have time to show that life is not black and white. It’s not about heroes and villains.”

She even highlighted a scene of Vinicius talking about effort, luck and opportunity. “It’s very much in line with what I believe in,” he assured. And finally, he talked about a moment of Linn da Quebrada explaining how her career evolved after beating cancer. “Really, it is something that transforms you, I found her testimony very beautiful”, he said.


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