Danielle Winits and André Gonçalves announce separation after seven years together


The marriage of Danielle Winits and André Gonçalves has come to an end, as announced by the duo in a statement on Instagram this Monday (21).

“After almost seven years together, in a relationship based on love, loyalty and companionship, we decided, in common accord, to follow different paths”, begins the note. “We have a lot of respect for each other, as well as for the history we share and follow for all this time.”

The statement also states that the decision to disclose the end of the relationship was due to the need for transparency with friends, fans and the press.

“We will continue to cheer for each other’s journey. This will be the only statement about our decision.
Thank you for understanding.”

The two were together since 2016. Last year, the actor was in the news when he spent a night in jail and another 60 days under house arrest due to the lack of payment of child support for two daughters from previous relationships.

Manuela Gonçalves has already vented on the networks about the absence of her father in her life and said that she learned everything without him. She is the result of the actor’s relationship with actress Tereza Seiblitz.

“I learned to read and write and do math without it. I got my first scraped knee without it. All school and theater performances without it. My first swimming medal. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties without it.”

Source: Folha

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