Marília Gabriela reacts to Gianecchini’s outburst about relationships: ‘It was difficult here too’


The presenter Marília Gabriela commented on a recent interview given by her ex-husband, actor Reynaldo Gianecchini to the podcast “Café com Mussi”. During the conversation, Gianecchini shared his experiences about resuming relationships after the end of the bond with the journalist.

“Our connection is eternal and deeply rooted. I’ve always been someone who cultivated close relationships, but after my story with Marília, I faced significant challenges. I’ve been single for some time. After her, I’ve only had one intense, non-marital relationship. Since then, I didn’t get involved anymore,” said the actor during the podcast.

In response to Gianecchini’s words, Marília decided to pay tribute to the actor through her Instagram account this Tuesday (22). “Ah… Shorty… Giane of my life, things haven’t been easy around here either. To truly capture what remains in me from our relationship, I resorted to a wise and third-party quote. ‘What already passed, passed, but what passed radiating light will shine eternally’. I can only say Amen, Goethe!”, she wrote.

Gianecchini and Marília had a relationship between 1999 and 2006.

Source: Folha

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