The 46th Drama Short Film Festival (DISFF)which will be held by 4 to 10 September 2023presents a rich program that has it all: 182 films from 41 countries, 7 competition sections, student films, Cinematherapy, short film hub, networking, workshops, green films, films for children, films by children.. and two Oscar chances!

President of this year’s jury Greek Competition Program will be the director Lefteris Charitos and the International Competition, the documentary maker Eva Stefaniwhile the program includes, among other things, a tribute to German cinema, Ukrainian queer short films, animation screenings from Portugal and Spain and also the action “LAGFF Travels to Drama”.

The Festival begins its 46th edition, with the fulfillment of a years-long vision: the operation, for some months now, of the long-awaited Film School in Drama by the Hellenic Open University with distance courses and live workshops in the city of Drama.

But also with an important piece of news: from this year, the two films that will win the top honors in the National and International Competition sections will automatically secure the coveted “ticket” to participate in the process of Oscar.

As the festival states in its announcement, the connection with the American Academy Awards will give to DISFF the extra push he needs to perform his role to the best of his ability.

The National Competition Program and the International Competition are again this year framed by the International Study Program and the National Study Program. At the same time, the International Animation and Short & Green competition programs continue their successful course, and of course the innovative Cinematherapy program which this year also joined schools, while traveling within and outside the borders.

This year sees the launch of the new KIDDO competition program with films for children and by children, as well as the Short Film Hub, which aspires to connect talented directors, screenwriters and producers with the international and domestic film industry – with an even stronger presence of the Hellenic Film Center.

This year’s event, the fourth with artistic director Yiannis Sakaridis and president Giorgos Demertzis, will take place simultaneously in physical spaces and online.

Through the platform the films will be accessible, with free admission, throughout Greece.

The 46th DISFF will be held at the cinema Olympia and the Municipal Conservatory of Drama (Antonis Papadopoulos Hall), in the summer cinema Alexandros, in the garden of the cultural space CYCLOPSand in the cafe-multiplex Eleftheria (junction of Venizelos and Kountouriotou streets).

The next day for the festival, brings the utilization of the former camp Andrikakis which will be transformed into a state-of-the-art center for the audiovisual arts in Drama, while at the same time, according to the announcement of the festival, the modernization of the infrastructure of the Municipal Conservatory and the Olympia Cinema is underway .

The Drama Festival collaborates with EKK, EKOME, RAYCAP, CYCLOPS, Green Pixel, ERT, Finos Film, COSMOTE TV, Onassis Culture and many other organizations, with the full support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Parliament of the Hellenes, and of course the Municipality of Drama.

The daily screening schedule of the festival at

“INNER – Contemplation” – The official trailer of the 46th DISFF

The Drama Festival celebrates 46 years of the National Competition section with a nostalgic short film that is the official trailer of this year’s event.

Four characters, at the age of 46, representing their generation, reminiscing, conversing with themselves and the people in their lives, anticipating, continuing to dream, during a short personal journey, fixated on a contemplation, deeply internal, as it would be as a film shot.

The movie “INNER – Contemplation” makes a symbolic reference to all the Greek directors who, in the long course of the Festival, took their first timid but crucial steps in Drama, evolved, returned or flew even higher and further. Sixty-two indicatively selected films from the first Festival, up to last year’s 45th, which were screened and competed, stand next to the 35 new ones of this year’s National Competition and together become part of this history.

The direction and editing is signed by the Artistic Director of the Festival Yannis Sakaridiswhile the script was written by Vasilis Terzopoulos. The four characters are interpreted with their voices, the Phoivos Delivorias, Aris Dimokidis, Nadia Kontogeorgi and Denis Nikolakou.

The music is a composition by the 10-year-old composer and piano soloist Stelios Kerasidis, and is kindly provided by the creator and Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company. The titles and post production were edited by I.M. Christodoulou. In its announcement, the Festival sincerely thanks all the filmmakers who willingly submitted their films.